Gretsch Garage Sale

FS: Peavey Nashville 112 ** SOLD **



Got this from a forum member (Steel Guitar Forum) about a year ago or so. He said it has the Burr/Brown chips but I have not confirmed that.

Excellent condition. Minor annoyance is that I tend to leave my settings alone once dialed in. A couple of the knobs seem to need semi-regular 'exercise'or they get a tad crackly.. so every so often I'll give them all a couple full twists back and forth and keeps em happy.

STAND NOT INCLUDED. Amp and cover only

$385 plus shipping SOLD


The band I do sound for uses one of these for accordion, keys, and occasionally guitar. It's a great sounding amp, and I can personally attest to it's durability. The band beats the living hell out of this amp and it never quits. I've seen it fall off of 4 stages, out of the van at least a dozen times, and "helpers" drop it more times than I care to remember. Not a single issue yet. He's been using it 4 shows a week for 5-6 years too.

The XLR out is great for most applications too, although a little hot.

Good luck on the sale!

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