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Sold: Orville by Gibson Les Paul Standard - Price Reduced


This is a 1994 ObG Les Paul Standard made by Fujigen. The model number is LPS-57C LD and the serial number is 405053. This is a plain top, so if you're looking for seagulls or tiger stripes it's not for you. It actually looks like a gold top from a distance. Long tenon, Gibson 57 Classics and mildly aged hardware. The guitar is in very good condition. I'll included the original ObG gig bag, but will ship in a TKL case for better protection. $1,500 USD plus actual FedEx shipping charges to your location. More photos available to interested buyers.

1994 ObG Les Paul Standard


Oh man Caliban I'm just got weak in knees with that beauty. I'm in between jobs right now but swear to God if even buying a cheeseburger wasn't an issue at the moment, I would grab this like a thief in the night.

$1500 for this is one hell of a good deal for the buyer.


Thanks NJDevil. It's a great guitar and the buyer won't have to pay for shipping from japan and customs.


Here's a photo showing the pickups and tenon.


What a beauty. I'm not even remotely in the market, but that photo made me double take. I love the light bursts.


Price drop to $1,400 USD plus actual FedEx shipping to you.


Bump. Buy it in time for Christmas.


Oh, man, that's my favorite color.

Tea burst, or Honey burst, I forget which one it's called.


Bump. Excellent price for a Lester.


Dang, how has that not sold in almost two years?


Nice MIJ LP.....looks like it has binding over the fret ends too. The buying direct from Japan gravy train is over with CITES and rosewood which makes that Orville all the more attractive. Those Orvilles are really outstanding.


Really attractive LP... what’s the weight?

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