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RHH measurement between pickups - anyone?


It seems like I've seen this question asked before, but it may have been lost with "the crash".

Can any of you RHH model owners tell me the distance between pickups? I'm thinking of getting a clear RHH pick guard for my pinstriped Annie. I already know that the 5120 clear guard doesn't fit well.

The other option is having Paul Setzer make one for me...


I have a trace of a Rev guard, I'm pretty sure.

What's it look like so I can narrow my search?


Looks like an FT 6120 to me.


Mine is a 2005 model year.

3 15/16 inches center-to- center between the TV Jones Classics...

2 5/8 inches between pickups...

Pickups are 1 1/4 inches wide...

+/- a 1/16 inch...


Bax nailed it. It looks like any other Filter-based 6120 pick guard, but it's clear with the angled T-roof logo.

Thanks Twangmeister! There's a difference between pups of -3/8" on my Annie (Annie has shorter gap between pups). There's probably no telling what the actual relationship between the pup cut outs and screw holes would look like between the two pick guards either.

Hey Paul, how do you do your logos on your pick guards?


Twangmeister, could I ask you to take one more measurement for me?

Would you measure the distance between the edge of the neck pickup (edge facing the neck) and the rough center of the pick guard screw hole nearest the neck?

This, in combination with the measurements previously provided, will tell me conclusively if the RHH guard is "fudge-able" on my Annie.

Many thanks in advance.


I do a decal or engraved.


Thankee kindly, Twangmeister. That confirms that the RHH just ain't gonna work.

Paul, I've never had you do up a pick guard for me, although I know we've chatted about it before. What do you need? A good tracing of my current guard with holes noted? I prefer engraved (black filled) since this will be a clear guard.

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