Gretsch Garage Sale

FS: Many pedals (some NEW), PRICE DROPS


All prices PP’ed/shipped US only.

Suhr Koko Boost. MIDBOOST. Brand new in box, never used. Long story, ordered 2 by mistake. Non-returnable vendor. My loss is your gain. $160

Boss GE-7 XTS Modded - SOLD

Gtown Amps Holy Grail - Tumble-style OD -brand new in box , never used. Brown Suede. I ended up with 2 because this one was assumed lost on it’s way from Russia, it finally showed. $135

Gtown Amps Holy Grail - black suede. SOLD

Digitech Jamman Express XT - mint, but has velcro. With Box. $70

Lovepedal Pickle Vibe - used but in excellent condition. With box. $80

Carl’s Speaker Soak attenuator 8 ohms- SOLD


I'll take the Carl's Speaker soak. PM sent.

If you don't get the pm, email me at (my screen name with no spaces) AT gmail


Didn't get the PM, but did email you.


Thanks, Rob! It'll be on the way tomorrow!


wow, you really got dinged by the Shipping Gods.


Black HolyGrail sold, others still available

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