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F/S Les Paul Special TV refin 1992 $1000 plus shipping


'92 Les Paul Special which was refinished to look like the old 50s single cuts. The photos are making it look a bit more banana yellow than TV. Pickups are Lindy Fralin and it comes with a Gibson hard case with one missing latch. It's a little on the heavy side at about 8.7 lbs. I'm happy to provide more photos if interested. US only.




That's a good lookin' rig


Nice! They must have replaced the TOM with a wraptail in the process.


Yep. Unfortunately, I don't know who did the transformation. Long story short is I kept looking at it all day on Reverb and well, after dinner and a few drinks, whoops! It is cool, just bad timing for me to be buying. The fretboard could definitely use a cleaning and it's currently set up with super light strings. I'm guessing 9s, but wouldn't be surprised at all if they're 8s. I didn't bother cleaning or changing the strings because you know, then I'd get too attached.


Ha, and of course now I see Spike and WBs comments and I'm all... Hmmmm.....


I’m relieved I already got one... :) Super cool and nice price. Good luck!


Ha, and of course now I see Spike and WBs comments and I'm all... Hmmmm.....

– eltuce

Ha! What did you expect?! You do have pretty great taste in guitars, that's been established, haha.


Ha! And for a relic job, it's alright. You might also be aware that I am a fan of cats. None of them are for sale, however.


i gathered that might be the case...i just tossed out two small hassocks that my beloved kitty demolished even more effectively than your example above LOL.

and by the way, that's a nice rig right there.


It's on the slimmer side. Compared to my '54, '58, and '60, it's closest to the '60 but a little wider at the nut.

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