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FS Kustom Hot Rod


I have my recently finished Hot Rod up on ebay with a starting bid of 2300.

If anyone here is interested i can sell it on here for 2000 shipped within the US. outstide of the US we can work out a deal on shipping

Any questions feel free to ask

ebay listing:


Very nice, psychadelic carp scales. What kind of paint and airbrush did you use? clear coat over paint?


Thanks. Paint is House of Kolor: euro red, kandy red, magenta, and blue under the darker kandy red areas. I mixed it and sprayed it with me trusty Iwata eclipse dual action gun. As for the clear I used House of Kolor clear. I had never used this clear before but it was really nice to spray and also to cut and buff.

There's another thread on here under Vince Rays Kustom Korner with more pics and details about it


Cool, so automotive paints then? Iwata makes the best airbrushes, I have a box full of them. Used to be an illustrator and did a lot of airbrush, mostly for advertising agencies and publishers. Always used acrylic paints though. I'll check out your other post, a lot of masking with thin tape I imagine.

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