Gretsch Garage Sale

FS?? Jag Tan Annie in UK.


Ssoo.. i love my 125th Annie... it's full of Gretschy goodness, plus plenty of unique player-friendly features.. But i hardly ever use it, and have a credit card to pay off.

I do love it so, but could do with the cash... what do I dooooo?

First off I suppose:- is anyone out there actually in the market for one?

I know y'all know what they look like, but here's some gratuitous Gretsch porn for you:



Hmm, well that is the big question isn't it?!

I guess.... um... £1700?

It has a brass rocking bar bridge now, but no other mods (except removing the pickguard, still have that though, of course).


If I wasn't so into my restored '58 I'd be all over that.

Remind me, are these bad boys nitro or poly?


Got the same, and can tell you it's a nitro. That's a high end guitar, man !!! 8-)


Tis nitro indeed, thanks Colonel!

Locking tuners, pinned bridge, power'trons, slimmed-down heel, all mod-cons!


It is with a very heavy heart that I must now offer this as a definate For Sale (not a tenuous maybe....).

Car issues and the like force me to create some cash from somewhere.....

So, [sigh..] £1500 for a quick cash sale. Anyone?



Tuesday Bump? My poor Gretschy is feeling rejected... :-(


Don't give up, it took a while but my '59 LTV went through the Gretsch forums a week ago, and to a good home too. :) It's my baritone that seems to be in a quagmire!


In US $ that comes to about $2400.


In the UK they retail for about that in GBP£.


Hope y'all enjoyed the hoildays - post-Easter bump.


smokestack_uk said: "all mod-cons! "

-- best sales advert copy EVER! (I know it's not just a "Paul Weller/Jam" reference) 8-)

AND the best FMIC Gretsch model ever made... mine's a total winner. Good luck with the sale!


You're right Tartan, it IS a winner, and I'll be very sad to see it go, but: needs must.

Thanks for the plug!


Another bump...

Of course i'll bung a little something Baxter's way if it sells through here... but that's looking unlikely currently!

Come on folks! What's not to like? :-)


My mum told me not to sell it! But I'm giving a bump anyway, cos it doesn't change the lack of cash!


I've told my Gretschy French Friends on some forums… hope it'll help !!! ;)


Deke, I can tell you that the 125th Anniversary is nothing like your 58, at all. It's very much its own animal.

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