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FS Ibanez artcore repaired headstock


I finished this up a while ago. It had a previous neck repair before I painted it. After I painted it the head broke again after a bad accident. Anyway it's been repaired again but I don't want to paint over the repair. It's all stock and plays really nice.

Asking 200 shipped


Great paint job and cool guitar! Sounds like a good deal, wish I could swing it!


Thanks! Yeah its cool and still has good playability. It's a shame it broke


I'll buy it. Waaaaaaay too beautiful to pass up.

Let me know how you want to be paid. Not sure if PM is workin here, so my email is njbob10 (at) verizon (dot) net


Bob got a great deal. Congrats!


Nice! Congrats, Bob! Someday I'd like to own a Rattlecat original.


Nice! Congrats, Bob! Someday I'd like to own a Rattlecat original.

– Bob Howard

Yeah, that was the driver (as well as the 'steal me' price). His work is beautiful.

This one's going to brother Ray as an early B-Day present. That means I'm still in the market :)


Cool idea. Tell Ray hi for us.


Generous gift! My birthday is coming up next year. Just saying.


That's mighty cool of you, explains the drop ship to a different address!


Good deal.

Rattlecat should be doing Custom Shop paint jobs.


Thanks! thats a huge compliment!

I recently sold the orange kustom hot rod to a cool guy in Finland and a week ago a got a killer deal on an '05 anniversary. I quickly got rid of the dime-a-dozen sunburst and am doing another way cool paintjob. i might have it done in the next couple of weeks. stay tuned!


I visited my brother and got to see and play it. He LOVES it.

1) It's beautiful. Nice and light, too.

2) Ray put some lighter NYXL strings on and the playability is excellent

3) It sounds nice, but only got to play it through a soul-less 'acoustic' amp.

Overall, I stole it. Thanks again, Rattlecat!


No problem, you're a cool brother! Glad it's got a good home now

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