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FS: Harmony Rocket, Swart amp, UA 6176 and more

Hey guys, I'm moving things here a bit. Baby Martina needs more space, my studio needs more gear and I need some money to put on a tour. So, here's some cool things I'm selling: *1966 (I guess) Harmony Rocket Guitar. Cool and stable. Everything in the right place. The neck is straight with really good intonation. Maybe it needs some pot cleaning. Original cardboard in working condition. I'm selling it because I already have my "strange/lo-fi/space-age" guitar of choice: My Zim-Gar. $600.00 *Swart Atomic Space Tone (SOLD) My beloved Swart Atomic Space Tone. Here's the website with all the info ( ). It's a 6v6 tone heaven to me... Mine has the Pro Panel Kit ( ) so you can use your choice of cabinets. I'm also using the external speaker out to hook up my sealed speaker cabinet to record without people calling the cops because of loud guitar sounds. That's pretty cool. Comes with a D2F Cover ( ) and a small cart so you can walk around with it. I think I used this amp 4 or 5 times on stage. Always taking extremely good care. I love this amp but I have 6 amps around. I don't need them. $1550.00 (SOLD) *Gold Tone resonator PB-GRE (Paul Beard Series) (SOLD) Beatiful Gold Tone round neck resonator. Has two pickups and you can blend the sound. There's a small dent on the headstock. Really cool sound. More info: There's a buzz sound (a little) that could be a bolt? the spider? the bridge? I don't know... You can clean the metal body with "never dull" (as Gold Tone guys told me). I never did cause I like the visual. A good original hardcase comes with the instrument. $660 (SOLD) *Vintage Electro Harmonix Frequency Analyzer Vintage (70's) Electro Harmonix Frequency Analyzer Perfect conditions with some natural wear. Has a new power chord. $220 *Universal audio 6176 (SOLD) I'm seeling my Universal Audio 6176. Almost mint. I have the original box. I'm just selling it because I'll use some germanium Chandler pres instead and I already have Empirical Labs compressors. I'm not using the 6176 much here (well, I'll miss it as the perfect "line in" pre ever...) More info: (SOLD) I have pictures I can email. Maybe new pictures if I find my camera's USB cable... I'm in Brooklyn, NY. I never shipped anything. I prefer to deal locally, of course but I'll study shipping methods for GPD guys. I also put the itens at Craigslist. I'm not into trades but, I don't know... let me know what you have in mind. Paypal is ok. Thanks for checking out! Cheers Joao
YO JOAO ! I'd be happy in helping you with the move ... Is that the Swart amp I heard you play at the "Swanky" Velvet Lounge? Send me a PM ... Your friend and fan! 57 Chet
If I thought that it would make me sound like your recordings, Joao, I would buy that Harmony in an instant! By the way, I stopped in at the Harmony booth at NAMM. They have some very cool guitars again. Check them out on the internet if you haven't already done so.
Harmony rocket was my first guitar. I miss her.
Hey Ric, I didn't see the guitars at Namm but I checked the website. Nice! I still think this Rocket is super cool... The thing is space! I need space! :)

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