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FS: Hand-made Telecaster pickups


Up for sale is a set of my handmade Telecaster pickups ready to drop in your guitar! This is a matched pair, featuring Alnico 2 magnets, approx 7.15k DC resistance each, reverse-wound/reverse polarity, and wax potted. Mounting hardware is included.

$110 a set shipped in the US, international shipping is extra.

I also have 2 other sets in process, one with Alnico 2 and one with Alnico 5 that will be available soon.

Email me at: aaronbrill at if you're interested.

Thanks! Aaron

Link to Picture


Still have this set available!

There's also another set with Alnico 2 that measure 6.95k bridge/6.75k neck that are available. A set of Alnico 5 is in the works that will be in a similar resistance range. Let me know if you're interested!

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