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It's time to thin the herd a bit. I'm not interested in trades at this time as I'm gathering funds for new acquisitions. Unless otherwise specified, free shipping in CONUS. I can cover shipping overseas as long as you handle any import costs on your side. PM me if interested.

Guitars: All terrific guitars in their own way, but I don't play them often enough - time for them to be enjoyed by someone will play them.

Fender Deluxe Thinline Telecaster (2017) Candy Apple Red with Fender American Vintage '64 neck, stock Fender Noisless pickups - $1200

Fender Duo Sonic (MIM) (2017) Capri Orange, stock - $450

Squier Vintage Modified Mustang (CII) (2012-2015) Fiesta Red, upgraded with a Warmoth Modified Mustang bridge - Sold!

Harley Benton TE-90FLT VW Deluxe Series T-Style (2017) stock, really nice, well-made affordable guitars from Thomann's Guitars in Germany - likely not worthwhile for someone overseas, but a decent deal for CONUS folks. I've got a Harley Benton JM-style and a Harley Benton Mustang- style guitars from Thomann guitars with a couple of Harley Benton Gibson Les Paul-style guitars arriving in May. - Sold!


I find myself oddly tempted by the Harley Benton. Tell me more.


Hey Tim! Here are some links:

A couple of the vids demo clean and dirt, you may want to fast forward past some of the chatter (I like these guys' vids)

Nice non-finished neck - super comfortable. Nice chimey Filter'Tron type pickups. I'm at a point where I have just too many guitars that aren't getting the love they need. Also, I decided I'm not a reverse headstock kind of guy. I thought about swapping out the neck for a Fender neck, but the stock neck is actually quite solid and lovely.

Oh, and unlike the Cabronitas, the HB has a tone knob!

Amazing bang for the buck on all these Harley Bentons. I've got 3 so far (incl. this one) and they are all solid.


Harley Benton TE-90FLT VW Deluxe Series T-Style has sold!


Gomez El Sonido amp is available again.


Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster ‘50s and Squier Vintage Modified Surf Stratocaster have sold!


Price drop on the Gomez El Sonido! Now $1400!


Price drop on the Gomez El Sonido! Now $1400!

– Surfysonic

Getting a Gomez for that is a steal! Best of luck!


The Gomez El Sonido is now on Reverb for $1300. For my Gretsch Pages pals, it's yours for $1100!


Fender Vibro King is no longer for sale.

The Gomez El Sonido head only is now available for $900.


Gomez El Sonido is no longer for sale. I've decided to hang on to it for the time being.


Squier Vintage Modified Mustang has sold!

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