Gretsch Garage Sale

FS: Gretsch Custom Shop Masterbuilt ‘59 G6128CS


Had a previous 'who wants to trade?' thread, but that got a bit far afield, so starting a new one just to say that the guitar is for sale. I'll find a replacement once sold. :)

Absolutely killer in every way. Stephen Stern built. TV Jones Classics. Awesome '59ish neck. Sounds great, plays great... best built guitar I've owned out of Gibson/Fender Custom Shop guitars, numerous boutique makers. Just outstanding. Is a relic finish, and feels old, not beat up or faked. I don't think you can do better! Has the OHSC, and a few finish chips/minor dings on the back of the neck in addition to the dings that the CS put there. I don't notice them when playing.

$3800, or trade for Duo Jet w/ Dyansonics/T-Armonds etc.

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