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FS: Gretsch G6129T Champagne Sparkle Jet


Never thought I'd do this.. but I'm just not playing it. My rule is that if I'm not playing it, it goes away.

1997 Gretsch G6129T single cutaway Sparkle Jet.

Includes guitar, original case, certificate, and I think the case keys. Only mod done is Dunlop Straplock buttons, original Gretsch Strap Knobs/Pins included..

Pics Below: as you can see the guitar is in very clean condition aside from some dents on the lower back edge treble bout. The neck has some very nice figuring - particularly on the treble side. The case is in pretty good shape too but does have a bit of funky smell going on.

Probably need to snap some pics of the case and cert etc. I'll also try and get some 'outdoor in the sun' pics to show off this killer finish.


Guitar is located in Eastern Canada, Postal C1E1E7. Price. Was 2450, now $1850usd I'm not looking for trades at this time, Thanks though. Please contact for payment terms - I'd like to avoid using Paypal as their fees/exchange rates for Canadians leave much to be desired. Bank wire is preferred if possible.


Is that Canadian dollars? What is that in usd?


No. American site, priced in USD. Edited the original post to reflect this.


Love the champagne jets, but that's a little steep on the asking price. I'm not looking; I already have one. Rare birds, but still, if you want it to move you might think about that.


Thanks for your input. Given they more or less never show up for sale, it seems like a reasonable starting point. And so I'll leave it as is for now - if folks want to make an offer I'm willing to listen


Fair enough. I've toyed with the notion of selling mine over the years, but still have it. Good luck with your sale.


I've toyed with the notion of getting yours, BD, but sonny boy wants to go to college.


I love the champagne sparkle jets. I wish they would make some more. I almost got one from ebay a few years ago but dithered and missed it.


Don't do it, BD. I love that guitar.

– Ric12string

I toyed with the idea, but I still have it. I'm pretty sure I'm going to put some Power'Trons in it and pin and adjustomatic bridge on there.


I've been thinking more and more I need a pearl jet with filters and a duo with dynas


I have been looking for a Champagne Jet, but nowhere near that price. I just missed out on a fully chambered 2004 FMIC made one for $1800 shipped and 90s double-cut for $1600.

I'll wait.


The exchange rate is working for this... New price - $2200usd/3000can


Well one last shot. I will not offer this guitar any cheaper than this

$1850 usd. Shipped, ground. Any Border fees that might come up are your responsibility.


Just come across this on a Google search, I presume it went a long time ago?

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