Gretsch Garage Sale

FS: Gretsch Elliott Easton 6128EE Jet Black


On CL for local sale only... hard choices about what to keep and not among great Gretsches but the guitar & amp population must be reduced:


Very cool guitar, I will miss this one.



Nice. I always thought these were 25.5”, not 25”, but then I had the Electromatic version.

Is this heavier than a regular 6128? The 5570 was.


I remember when these came out. 25" scale length is correct.

Very cool guitar.


Not heavy, a very comfortable guitar to play & hold.

25" is correct, that IMO is a key to the great sound and playability, it's a combination along with other specs & features that makes me hesitate to sell this, but at least 1 or 2 of my G stable should move along (6120 ECT, 6120SSLVO, 6129 BZT, 6128EE).

$1,750 for a Gretschpages member, let me know you saw it here. You can check my feedback on eBay and Reverb (fendertweed) -- perfect since starting on the 'net in 1998.

The Tone O Matic saddles and the NOS vintage mud switch tone cap (esp. the latter) make a subtle but real improvement

Thanks, Jon

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