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SOLD: Gretsch 6121 Chet Jet 1957


I would like to sell my Gretsch 6121 “Chet Jet” from 1957 with OHSC. Everything about the guitar is original except for the bridge. I also think that the binding on the fretboard has been replaced, because the binding has no position markers.


That is a stunning guitar, the colour is perfect. That has to be about top of my Holy Grail list and given a couple of years I'd be hitting you up to seek out a deal.

Good luck with the sale.


Agree that is a very attractive guitar. Seems the finished darkened and looks cool. I just bought a CS jet (a mock 57) or I'd be thinking about it. Best of luck with the sale!


If I didn't already own one I'd be trying to figure out how to get this one from you! Gorgeous Chet-Jet! The nut would have been brass originally, so perhaps that's been replaced.


Beauty. What's 'reasonable'?


@NickUK, @WillieDSW, @kc_eddie_b; Thanks, it's indeed a nice guitar!

@NJBob; I'm open to offers. I have send you a PM.


Hi Erwin, very nice guitar! Too bad about the binding and nut but other than that it's looks amazing! It would fit nicely with my 1961 6121. But unfortunately I don't have the funds right now.....


Hi Daniel, nice to hear from you! It would indeed be a great addition to your '61.


Man, that's beautiful!

No need for a perfectly functioning kidney right now, do you? :)


Just a bump from a fan of the form! This one is gorgeous!


Hi Daniel, nice to hear from you! It would indeed be a great addition to your '61.

– Evw

Yes, I agree.... A friend of mine has one like it and it's a great guitar. But my funds have gone in to another guitar so I have to lay low for a while. Good luck selling it!


Thanks Ed for the bump!

This Gretsch is still for sale


I've tried to PM but it never appears to reach you!


Biel... When your PM bounces back you can get the recipients email from that bounce back note, copy/paste and resend the message.


Beauty! Truth! Gretsch Goodness!


@biel I just send you a PM


Smokey Chet Jet! (Drool...slobber....)

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