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SOLD Gretsch 6120 - 2015 1959LTV


I've been reading this forum for long enough - time to post something!

Here's a Gretsch 6120 (G6120-1959LTV) '59-style, built by Terada in 2015. It must go. I admit the bastards beat us, and am dissolving the corporation in a pool of margueritas.

...poof!... Gertsch6120_2329


That's a fine-looking guitar. You're in Toronto too? I may be interested. Would certainly save me the shipping charges!


What's playing a zero fret guitar like?

Not kidding. I've never played one.



What's playing a zero fret guitar like?

Not kidding. I've never played one.


– Konrad

Hey Konrad, I'm on my second "LTV" with the zero fret.

Honestly, I don't really feel any difference with or without a zero fret, but for some reason, I really like them a little better. Just me.

If I didn't already own a 6120 LTV, I would jump on this one.

These are one of the best modern Gretsches made IMO.


What's playing a zero fret guitar like?

Not kidding. I've never played one.


– Konrad

Zero fret guitars are cool because barre chords and chords with open strings have the same tonality. Strings ringing open from the nut on a 'normal' guitar have a different sound than the fretted notes -not so much on a zero fret guitar.

I used to avoid them because they looked old-fashioned. Then I got a 6119SP with a zero fret. Now I'm a convert and I wish all my guitars had zero frets.


Once again, even though I don't need it, I want it.


I have two guitars with the zero fret, my Super Chet & Super Axe.

The best comparison I have though is the SC vs the Gibson Country Gent. They're both essentially the same width neck at the nut on the Gibby & zero fret on the SC. And the neck profiles are identical, my having the SC's neck sanded down to match exactly that of the CG. I honestly can't say I hear a difference going from one to the other through the same amp - Executive - and settings.

Rhythmisking explains it very well but I think in my case it may be because the Gent has a lovely bone nut, not one of those [IMO] POS plastic ones. I believe I might hear a difference if the Gent had a plastic nut.

One thing to note about the zero fret and not something to be dismissed. It make all strings exactly the same height 'leaving' the nut. This alleviates the need for the string to seat perfectly in the bottom of the slot. And this also allows the nut's slot's to not have to be tight, width wise. Not sloppy, just loose enough so there's no 'pinging'. Basically, I like to think of the nut as taking up some of the nut's responsibilities.


I'm so used to throwing in open-string licks and having that "normal nut" feel. Also, I hit the strings plenty hard... seems like it would buzz on the cowboy chords...

Very cool guitar though...

Damn. One more thing I want.



I have a 2006 6120-1959LTV. It's the best electric guitar I've ever owned, and I've owned a few good ones.

This is a great deal on a great guitar.

Good luck with your sale. Someone's gotta grab this soon!


Finally remembered my login! The guitar is sold to one of the fine folks here.

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