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FS: Gretsch 6119-1962HT Tennessee Rose


2005 Tennessee Rose in excellent ++ condition. Never gigged. I got it from an acoustic player who never got attached to it and he stuck her in the closet. After I bought it I got a '67 Country Gent and the Rose ended up spending most of her life in the closet again. Everything is original and pretty much pristine and it obviously hasn't been played much. The only marks I can find are 2 small dimples about the size of a pin head on the lower edge near where the guitar would rest on your knee when sitting. The original Gretsch case is in great condition, too. $1375 plus $75 shipping to the lower 48 US states. PayPal works for me. I have more pics and info if you need them.


Another pic...........


One More.........


Bump, to echo RickBob's sentiment! Love me some HiLo Tenny . . . and so should you at this great price.


Thanks for the help Ric and Andy.....appreciated!


One very nice feature of this guitar is the Electrotone body style. The body is thinner and just feels different in your arms than a 6120 or similar deeper-bodied Gretsch guitar. And the single coil HiLos have a sound of their own. I have one of these and always enjoy playing it.


The guitar is still here.


I thought I'd give this one last bump to see if there's any interest............

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