Gretsch Garage Sale

FS: G6196tsp-2g Grey Violet


Such a beautiful guitar. Good luck with the sale, sorry you have to sell it.


I have loved these since the first day that I set my eyes on one. Satan, get thee behind me.


Yes, that's the one for me ... good luck with the sale.


I predict, if the price is right, this will not last long at all. Good luck, but just know, and I speak from my own experience here, it is not a seller's market right now. You may not get the price you want-but I wish you all the luck with it!

As for the guitar, it's a beaute!


Thanks guys. If my price is wrong, I'm open to suggestion. It's higher on Reverb because they take 3.5% plus another 3% for credit cards and I have to ship.


She's beautiful. Sorry you have to part with her.

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