Gretsch Garage Sale

SOLD - G6196 2011 ‘59 Country Club Cadillac Green


Canadian or US dollars?


Canadian or US dollars?

– 5oybean

USD. Sold! IMG_1843


I love this guitar. I don’t know why Gretsch stopped making them with zero frets.

I’m glad it has sold, I was making up reasons why I should buy it. I would buy one if I needed a guitar to gig with. I would probably change the bridge.


Thank you for not deleting your post upon the sale. Would you be willing to let us know how much the guitar sold for? Many of us have a Caddy Green Country Club as well.


Sure. Because I got it in a trade deal, I priced it attractively at USD 2,000 to sell reasonably fast. It sold at that price.

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