Gretsch Garage Sale

FS - G6128T-DSV Duo Jet


I'll give it another few days and then decide what I'll do with her...


Gorgeous guitar, man. Beautiful.


Somebody has to want this. It's a nitro finished, Dynasonic equipped Duo Jet with a 50's neck profile and a Bigsby. These guitars rule!

Here's an X-Ray photo so you can see the chambering.


Thanks. When my guitar arrived at my office from Streetsounds I had our shipping department run it through their X-Ray machine. The original 1950's Duo Jets are even more chambered I heard but I'm not sure how that's possible looking at the picture. These new ones are pretty hollow inside.


Shoot, if I had the money and no bills I would've traded +cash for the jet. It's on my someday list......


Darn man, keep her! Seriously. Have more than one great Gretsch!


Still thinking about selling it...


this post is making me sick, wish I still had mine :/


Yep, it's still available. It is such a great guitar, but I've got my 50th Anv. Jag and my Smoke Green Annie LTV, I'm in geetar heaven right now. The Jet DSV needs to find some love! (c;


Bump for the heck of it. Still for sale.


Still for sale at the starting price I assume right ? Nice guitar for sure. PM sent.


I am having a hard time believing this is still for sale. If I didn't just buy the exact same guitar a few months ago I would have jumped on this one. I have a feeling if the price was $2,000 including shipping someone may bite.

I'm actually surprised Mar Garcia is selling it at all!


I hope you get it Cap as they're the best guitars ever in my mind.


Thanks silverjetstaff. I'd love to buy it. Where are you Mar?


I apologize for not answering yet. I've been out of town. I'll check my emails tonight and get back to y'all. Thanks!


The guitar and I are on the Central Coast of California... :D


Ohh Crap. Sorry man I just bought one on eBay!


Well enjoy it! They're beauts! Glad to hear you got one, Cap.


6128T-DSV Jets are wonderful guitars. I ended up having to sell my DSV, but tone tone tone with those Dyna's......... Oh, and did I mention tone?

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