Gretsch Garage Sale

FS: Gretsch 6121-1955 Roundup


Hi - I am selling a really clean, never left house Roundup - the loaded kind with the belt buckle and brand - All paperwork and Roundup case. Serial number indicates it is Japan 2010 I think - need to check tonite. I am thinking $2300 OBO - Hit me with a number ??. Unfortunately, I cant give it away as much as I would like. Need the $$ for a new purchase.


Wow, that would make a nice companion piece to my 6121FTW. Wish I could swing it.


Down to $2100 - Takers? Offers? She's real pretty.


she's a beautiful guitar. Wish had the funds. Just baught a motorcycle and trailer...


Someone take her before eBay - please.

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