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FS: G6120DE - Naw…


As much as I hate to part with this, I need to fulfull my lifelong dream of owning a White Falcon. Have my eye on the G6136T-LDS so something has to give. I really am enjoying the longer scale of my Hall Of Fame and want the same scale w/ Dynas and ebony fretboard.

Virtually NEW. Just had this less than 3 weeks. I added a Chet Wire Arm Bigsby. The original DE handle is included. STUNNING guitar in every regard. All in AS NEW condition w/ paperwork

$2200 plus shipping -- (update: NAW...Can't do it. Love this guitar too much to let it go. I'll just have to save up for the WF I guess)



Wow! Mitch!

I never played a Duane Eddy yet?

A store had one recenlty but it sold before I got a chance to strum it :(

How would you describe it?

Better and/or different then The Eddie Cochran?

I played an Eddie Cochran and to be honest, I wasn't that impressed!

Way over priced, sounded too piercey and on the thin, sharp side ,,, and buzzed worst then a razor (ground)!


The EC and the DE are 2 totally different guitars. Never played the EC, but not a fan of P90s though. The DE is a great guitar ! period. The Dynasonics sound heavenly, clean or dirty. I just NEED to own a WF before I die... wanted one since I was a kid. If not for that 'bucket list' item, I'd be keepin' this for sure. Still a bit miffed about the WF I 'bought' then the dealer upped the price on me !#$@%



Funny just as I decided, No more guitars for real! , all these temptations come up ,,,

I see that Knotty Pine too! ,,, and then a 2005 Country Gent, then your DE ,,,

I have two Favorite Gretsch White Falcon Double Cuts and I love them!

I put TV Jones Filtertrons in one and even had Fred Gretsch Jr. sign the back under pad #1 ,,, and the other, #2, has Original 1966-67 Filtertrons from a Gretsch Nashville 6120 in the other!

Both are nice but I seem to play the one with the TV Jones the most! :)


The 6136T - LDS looks gorgeous.

I just goggled the model!



I better hold off before I lose my mind - Lol!

The Eddy's going to sell!

I know that ,,,


Your link is busted - this always happens with spaces in the URL.

Try this link




For lack of adequate terminology, what are those washer thingies in photo 21? ALl of those extra metal parts. I think I see some retaining rings for the bigsby. Thought they might be part of a strap lock system or something.



I've played three of them. They are all great guitars. Perfect playing, great sounding, and beautiful all the way around.

Great deal for the price he's offering, too.


Otterbean. The DE comes with the StrapLok system but it's not factory installed. The parts are in the case compartment.


Thanks MitchC. I hadn't seen that before.


Ya mean he's having a smoke right now?




Yeah, this IS crazy, huh. I love this guitar ! Maybe I'll just get a can of white Krylon ? ;-) Or a frontal lobotomy ? Sure wish someone would invent a cure for GAS ;-)


"Play more ?" ... guitars ? That's the problem. I want to play more guitars 8-)

I play / record as much as I possibly can with work, family etc already.

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