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FS: G2D Cream-Tone Overdrive MODDED



Very good condition. With box and manual. This Cream-Tone has been MODDED:

MOD #1: LED mod These pedals are shipped with the LEDs turning OFF when you switch the pedal ON… the opposite of every other pedal ever made! It has been modded (as per the instructions on their website) so that the LEDs are ON when the pedals footswitches are ON. [info: ]

MOD #2: toggle switches This is one of the later models that has internal dipswitches for “more/less bass” and “more/less” gain. It has been modded to have those switches converted into external toggle switches, as seen in pics. So no more opening it up to choose “more/less - bass/gain”!

PRICE LOWERED $170 PP’ed and shipped in the US (they are $270 new, no mods) NO TRADES

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