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SOLD: Fender Custom Shop 54 Strat Pickups


I've got a set of Fender Custom Shop 54 pickups that were installed in a partscaster (wires were inserted in push connections...never cut or soldered!). I don't have a box. They are white covers. They are in excellent condition with the exception that I placed a little magic marker indicator on the sticker on the bottom, a little "N" and "B" so I would know which was the Neck, Middle and Bridge pickup.

$90, shipped in CONUS.


Are you willing to ship to Canada? Not much more expensive and pretty wall as easy. Are the pole pieces/magents a bit chipped or is it just the photos? Thanks


I never even considered that the poles were chipped...I put them under my bright desk lamp and they are not chipped...It is discoloration on the top on stuff that looks almost like it was lacquer or some sort of film on the magnets when they were made. I know its not lacquer from painting the guitar, because they were installed in a pre-painted Warmoth body and neck, by me...and bought new by me.

I'd be happy to take some up close photos in better light, if you want.

I would ship to Canada for someone here. My only caveat is that I would not be responsible for any import duties or CITES issues...and would expect none with pickups. I don't know how much more it might cost....would you? According to (where these are also listed) it would cost $8 to ship CONUS and $18 for, how about $100 shipped to Canada.


That's a good deal. I will contemplate it very briefly People who ship things are never on the hook for import duties, which are actually local taxes. that's the responsibility of the importer. For guitar stuff Cites is about endangered natural products like ivory, certain specialized abalone and exotic endangered hardwoods etc. (mostly just Brazillian Rosewood)No worries there.


Those are really nice pickups at a very nice price. Glassy/chimy sounding vintage winds - and unlike a lot of low-wound strat pickups, the bridge pickup doesn't sound shrill and thin.


Thanks gentlemen! I'll be here, if you need me!


Thanks for the interest in this thread...the pickups are officially sold and in transit to the new owner!

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