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FS: Fender ‘65 Reissue Deluxe Reverb


Up for sale is a Fender '65 Reissue Deluxe Reverb amp. I bought this off of fleaBay back in 2013 and have only played out with it a couple of times with my old surf band. Otherwise, it's been an in-home practice amp. I just had it serviced and she sounds great.

$850 - includes amp cover, manual, and reverb/vibrato controlled two-button on-off footswitch. All shipping within CONUS and Canada is free. Overseas shipping must be covered by buyer. PM me if you have questions. Payment via PayPal gift please. Thanks!


That's actually a 1993 produced in very limited numbers. It's got the "dummy" ground switch and stock Eminence speaker. It also has the 'BLD' serial number prefix. There were 300 produced with wheat grill and 300 with oxblood grill; I have one of each. In order for a dealer to "qualify" for one of these, they had to order a Jazzmaster and Jaguar reissue guitar as well, the dealer could not order only the amp. Mine were purchased at Guitar Showcase in San Jose. Good luck, these don't come up often!


A very long overdue thanks to Bluecap for the info - I've corrected my info accordingly and re-loaded the images.

Thanks, Bluecap, much appreciated!


Nice amp. If you are going to get a reissue, this is a great one to get!

Saw one at a Music-Go-Round in Mesa, AZ several years ago with an Altec Lansing speaker. It was priced at about $500. Another one I should have gotten.


Interestiing - I've got blonde on blonde like this one but it's labeled "Genuine Limited Edition Amplifier" badge on the back - it's not a "BLD" model, so it's not the same model, but it's a great amp regardless.

$850 is a good price too - somebody needs to get this before I decide to run dual blonde Deluxe Reverbs. LOL


I had one of those limited 93 Deluxes for a hot second before trading it against a Vibro King in '95. Nice ride, really attractive too.

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