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FS: Fender ‘65 LTD EDITION Deluxe Reverb Reissue, MINT


Fender made 400 of these LTD Edition amps, I am told this was the last one to ship from Fender, I purchased it in July just before I had back surgery in August (not a great idea). I have sold my electric guitars and this is all that remains of my foray back into electric music. The differences between this and the regular deluxe reverb are the Wine Tolex and Wheat colored Grill as well as the speaker (a non ceramic magnate, in absolutely mint condition and includes the optional vinyl amp cover. There are no more new ones, come and get it, I had this side by side with the black version and there is no comparison, this has the vintage tone.... Supposed to have sooner breakup but I am not sure and will not swear to that, all I can say is that it is very clean where I played it at 2 and 3. It gets very loud if you want. $950 (for forum members) plus shipping.

Since I cannot figure out how to get direct replies please email me if interested at

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