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{{FS:VINTAGE FENDER drip rail 215 showman cab w JBL D130 & eminence…


I've got a fender showman cab for sale, driprails intact, batting is there and 1 JBL D130 and 1 Eminence ceramic 15" 15596. the inside back panel has been reinforced with some thick acoustic coating of sorts. I'm in so cal..will deliver within a 45 mile radius of Mission Inn, Riverside CA for $25 or Local pickup only. $495



the early silverface era of fender amps had an aluminum trim that surrounded the grill cloth. Literally a metal edge attached to the wood framed mesh grill.

it looked dang cool brand new back when I was about 3 in 68' :)


We just called them 'aluminum trim' silver panel amps. Over by late 69, some say they extended into 1970. What I don't think is known is if t he alum trim ended at the same time AMP came off the panel.


Pretty sure I played through a Super Reverb-Amp dripedge one time...


Does anyone know the origin of the term? I've also heard "drip edge" used. For some reason, it just makes me think of grease dripping off the edge of a grill at a fast food joint.


hot rod terms sort of. on old cars.. the drip rail kept the rain channeling off the windows and on hot rods we shave off the handles, trim, drip rails, etc.

shaved drip rail


Nice. Learn something new every day. I've never been much of a car guy. Didn't bother getting a license until 18, let it expire after 2 years, and went without until I was 26. I live in Portland. I raced bikes and ran bike shops for 20 years. As soon as someone releases an amp with design elements appropriated from a Campagnolo derailleur, I'll be there for you.


Bicycles are manual labor :P


Bicycles are manual labor :P


After 20 years of spending more time fixing other people's than riding my own, it sure feels that way.


Not fit, at least by the standards of my former racing self, but still fit. Let's just say I was doing better than most when my 20 year high school reunion rolled around a few years back. I thought they just put those rails on your car so you'd have some place to mount your roof rack!


well well... how's about the Bandmaster reverb head (reconditioned mind you) and the Showman cab (Sporting a JBL D130 and eminence 15 duo) for $900? and the best part I can walk around inside my shop again!


never ever, EVER buy Large fender cabinets.. this is fact. I am putting them in the backyard behind the garage. :( maybe saw them in half. two for one :P


Just lay the cab down, sheet of glass on top.. Instant dining table! ;-)


never ever, EVER buy Large fender cabinets

There ya go. Month or so in with not so much as a nibble, reverse psychology is definitely your best bet.


It really should be illegal that I even have this cab with a real JBL D130 15" Alnico here at all.

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