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Sold - deLisle Nickel Box (Head) Price Cut


I’m selling my 5 watt apartment amp, mostly because I don’t live in an apartment any more. I can now use my louder amps, so I don’t require such nice tones at low volumes, but you might. Sounds great through a 10 or 12 inch speaker cab.

This Nickel Box is built with a 6V6 in the output. The tonestack has a wide range of control, so you'll be able to dial it in. With the treble and bass rolled back toward 2 on the dials, it will give you a relatively flat response. That would mimic the tweed's mids emphasis should you want that sound. The more the treble and bass are rolled up, the more the mids will be scooped. You'll be able to match the blackface response at higher settings. (The tonestack is unique to deLisle amps, so you'd need to match it by ear and not the numbers you'd see on a blackface control panel.)

Edit: now $OLD

All about the Nickel Box.


But the neighbors can hear you


They haven’t complained yet, though I think they may be deaf...or very polite.


A bargain at any price Good luck, Bob!

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