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New Tony Bacon Gretsch book


Tony Bacon has finally updated his Gretsch book. Got mine today, can't wait to dig in!


New, or just an update of the old book?


"Revised and updated."

Looking through it I can see many of the same pictures but others new. Large section called "Fred & Fender."


I might just wait and pick one up used,i've got the 50 years of Gretsch already.


Does he have one with Dynasonics on the cover?


BZ, is this the one you're thinking of?


Like Gretsch, Tony Bacon went from Dynas to Filters!


With Ed's two books out recently and Tony already having published this book years ago, and covered then the most interesting of Gretsches offerings, I'm sensing a "closing the barn door after the horses are all long gone" scenario.

Cheap and used in a few years is the only way I may be interested.


My guess is there'll be lots of nice photos...but perhaps nothing you haven't read before and little passion for the subject.

Of course I may be completely wrong. Here's hoping I am.

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