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Sold: ‘63 Fender 6G6-B Bassman head and cab w/ covers


I'm selling my 1963 Bassman 6G6-B head and cab as a set. The date stamps are from the 50th and 52nd week of 1963. It is smooth blonde tolex with gold sparkle grille cloth. Both transformers and the choke are original.

This unit should be serviced by a tech before use. The main filter caps are original; they and the original electrolytic caps on the board look like they are starting to fail. The normal channel has had one cathode bypass cap changed but still has some issues to be sorted by a tech. The Bass channel works and sounds great. The power cord should be changed to a modern 3-prong grounded cord for safety. I bought this set about 12 years ago and I have not played this amp except to test it prior to listing it for sale.

The speakers have been changed to Celestion G12H Anniversary speakers, one English-made from 2003 and one Chinese-made from 2005. I have removed the fiberglass batting from the inside of the cab. It is an excellent sounding cab, I tried it with a different amp for testing. The cabinet was stored on it's side and one side has some rust staining on the tolex and rust on the tilt-back leg.

There are some rust stains under the chassis straps on the head. Otherwise the amp is in good shape cosmetically, normal scuffs, scrapes, etc. are present. The amp and cab come with the covers pictured.

I feel it is better to let the next owner have the necessary maintenance done to the amp.

Please check the ad on Reverb and study the pictures carefully.

Reverb listing

I have described the amp as fully as possible; it is sold as is, as described with no warranty, returns, or approval. If you have any questions before your purchase, please contact me. I recommend all vintage amps that are shipped be taken to a competent tech for servicing upon arrival.

I will be attending the Philly Guitar Show Nov. 10 and 11 and can bring the amp there for in person delivery. $2450 with free shipping within continental US here on the GDP.

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