Gretsch Garage Sale

FS: 6120-1959 LTV


In really good shape. No issues. I bought it last fall from the Music Zoo in NY. Blackrider had one sell on ebay that was dinged for $2100 last week.

$2000 sound fair?


Beautiful guitar. Were you just not able to bond with it?


My 2nd favorite guitar ('59 Gent ri HOF is tops). Love mine, may tweak it a bit but not sure.

So got yer eye on something else instead ?


I actually love it.

But I can get away with more musical styles on my 6122-1959 and now that I know that's properly trestle braced the lustre of the 6120-1959's vintage accuracy is off.

I got a new job w/ a raise starting May 1st. I want to combine the potential sale of this guitar with some extra cash I should have to finally buy the Reissue Standel amp.

Girlfriend is seriosly talking about getting married and my luck that will bring kids and who knows if I'll ever get a chance to pick up a Standel again. Gotta atleast try for it right?


Ah Capy, you remind me of me. ;-)

I know exactly what you are talking about and your taste for Gretschs are just like mine. I had me a 6120-59 and a 6122-59. Loved them both and I almost bought your 6122-59 (your first one) from you off of ebay. You see, me and you think a lot a like. I totally see where you are going with this. Oh yes a Standel is the way to go, especially for that 6122-59. Wow, what a pairing that will be. I wish you the best of luck, even though I know you won't need it. Hopefully I will be able to meet you some day at a "Round-up" . :)


Hey Jo!

I think there's a few of us with similar tastes. Have you met MitchC? His trading and aquiring guitars is almost a carbon copy of mine.

With the new job I won't be gigging as much as I used to but there will be a few here and there and I've been thinking the expensive Standal would get a nice work out but not overly abused by my schedule.

I know... I don't need it.


A 6122-1959 connected to a Standel 25L15 is the best of all worlds..... just my opinion.....


Senojnad - your picture is making my gas worse!

Please someone buy this 6120!


I gladly bid and won my '06 model for $1800.00 Yours is near new, right ?


Yeah Mitch mine is a 2011 model.


I'm in Chicago and willing to ship. Just emailed you this afternoon.


I've had a few questions regarding the neck shape of this. The profile isn't 51 Nocaster fat. But it's fatter than any modern Gretsch I've ever seen.


Here's one showing off it's lovely orange color in different lighting.


Still up for sale.

I've had a few offers. But nothing for sure yet.


Great guitar.... is the finish "western orange",on this one??


I'm not sure what the orange is called. It's stock tho. There's nothing special ordered about it.

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