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FS: ‘59/60 6120 in figured and flamed maple


Because of another worthy acquisition, this one will go back into circulation. I've had it for over 12 years, and it's a good 'un. A "world authority" on them even said so.

I'm looking to clear 10K. Buyer pays actual shipping and PayPal fees. Many more pics on request.


I'm putting a kidney on the black market this afternoon to raise the funds! I think I can live without one, right?


I would love to keep it here in the family. I've enjoyed it for many years and many gigs. But I don't believe in hoarding the goodies. It's someone else's turn.


Wow JB....that begs the question....what could you have possibly have acquired to motivate you to let that beauty go? A '59 Les Paul....the first Strat ever made....a green '57 Duo Jet with gold hardware...a 50's White Penguin....a 24 year old girlfriend?

All kidding aside... that guitar is gorgeous,,,,you're gonna regret having to let her go, but I can't tell you how much it means that you are giving the GP "family" here heads up so one of us can get her. I hope G6123 gets enough for his kidney to buy her!


Hard to believe there is a nicer 6120 then the “Johnny Quest” Gretsch. One of my favorites.


I agree. It’s hard to believe. There was one that just caught me right. Similar neck shape to my favorite beat up ‘61. Similar sound. Quilted maple top. We are just temporary stewards of these fine pieces. With luck, they will still inspire and awe long after we’re gone.


The Man himself said "thumbs up"!

– JBGretschGuy

" Everything I love is from '59 ...err 60'"


" Everything I love is from '59 ...err 60'"

– TheNocturneBrain

Next thing you know, we’ll find out the ‘49 Mercury was a ‘50.


I'm open to reasonable offers from GDP'ers - in the interest of keeping it "local".


I'll trade you an original pressing of "Shaving Cream" by Benny Bell, an autographed picture of Lionel Barrymore, 3 sugar packets from the Brown Derby, and some prison dice taken from a voodoo woman's mojo bag.


(i actually think an autographed pic of Lionel Barrymore would be worth more to some collectors)


John, you forgot to mention magic beans.


BZ Jet, cherry ‘64 Corvette, 2000 BMW K1200RS, and a Beanie baby collection.


More than a vintage 6120? I do not assign any particular value to the autograph. But Prison Voodoo Dice? Now we're taking!!!

Bob - that's a nice pile of swag!


If the Barrymore fans had that guitar and were missing that to complete their collection, absolutely.

And everyone would go home happy.

It's not a matter of value, it's more a matter of rarity, and it's crawling with copies out there that go for upwards to 1k...they be bogus...usually.


Hi JB Could you please email me at Tried to message through the site but appear to have failed. Cheers Grant


Drop to $9500 for GDP Members in good standing.

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