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FS 5120


I've had my Electromatic set-up to be a backup to my Hot Rod. With gigs winding down at this stage of life and since my Hot Rod has not failed me, I'm letting go of the 5120.

She's got locking tuners, a bone nut, TV Classic for the neck and TV Classic + for the bridge, a Tru Arc bridge and things are connected by Tom's harness. The OG gloss black has been knocked down with steel wool and she's been lightly cleared with satin clear. Mods and set-up done by CB Perkins.


Wow! That’s a 100% righteous ride, mods well chosen, well done, and no detail overlooked. The satined finish is the capper. With all the work, I’d almost say this is your real hot rod - the other is a stocker by comparison. This one can’t be far off the mark...and probably sounds a bit bigger and more open by virtue of its construction.

Someone’s going to get a real black beauty thanks to your efforts.


I was looking for $700 shipped but am willing to settle for $600 with shipping on buyer's dime.


Holy Cow. Put a Duane Eddy handle on it. Strip off the black paint on the Bigsby and charge $200 more.


Holy Cow. Put a Duane Eddy handle on it. Strip off the black paint on the Bigsby and charge $200 more.

– fieldhdj

Is that some sort of wise crack? I'm sure a non-modded 5120 could be had for $500 or less but the TV pickups, TV harness, TruArc bridge (pinned) , bone nut and luthier setup wasn't cheap.

I've had an offer of $525 with shipping on my dime but that would be more like $475 if I ate the shipping. I've only listed it here and am not looking to get what I have in to it but don't want to give it away.

So, I'm not going to take $475ish and would like to be closer to $600 but am open to offers in between.


Not at all. Your mods are rock solid. For what it’s worth, here is the 5120 I never should have flipped. Magna’tron bridge, custom wound P 90, new wiring harness, TruArc etc..etc.. I took off the Duane Eddy handle before I sold it.


Gotcha and sorry I misinterpreted. Very nice and tasteful one you had there!


Those are some mighty fine mods. If I didn't already have a G5190BK, which is very close in comparison, I might consider it.

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