Gretsch Garage Sale

FS - 2016 Gretsch 6129 Silver Jet w/Dynasonics


This is still available? If I had any other Gretsch guitar other than a Dynasonic Duo Jet I would be figuring out a way to make this happen.


Yes. It’s still available. Soon I may put it on Reverb for more money.


Ya know, for my birthday, you can buy this from me, cause, ya know, birthday.


Come on!!! Someone buy this!!! What a deal!!!


Less thinking and more buying! You need this.


That's a FANTASTIC price. I sold one for $2K not long ago, and it was worth every penny.

I hated selling it, b/c it really did play like butter, as I'm sure this one does as well. I can't believe it hasn't moved! That's nuts!


Still available. Fixing to put it on Reverb, so step right up!

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