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Sold: 2003 G6122-1959 Nashville Classic


Congrats and welcome to the site. So cool that Paul signed it! He's a hero of mine and I hope you'll try some of his arrangements if you haven't already.

Those guitars are special for sure. Playing one acoustically, it has a very distinct rich and brilliant tone unlike any other guitar I've ever played.


Help me do it and I will post a picture of my red 6120.

I upload my photo (jpg) with 'upload photo' above and the name appears in box above but I don't know how to bring it into the post



Help me do it and I will post a picture of my red 6120.

I upload my photo (jpg) with 'upload photo' above and the name appears in box above but I don't know how to bring it into the post


– LoveChet

Hi Gary. Do you use the small yellow camera icon from the menu? Press this, then select the jpg you want to upload. You should see the files's name now. Then press 'add post' further below on the thread page. Important: Make sure you add at least one character of text to your post. Now your photo should appear.


Sorry for the problem.

I just followed your instructions and everything went as suggested except when I hit Add Post it did nothing and eventually quite.

Possibly this goes back to not knowing whether or not I am logged in or not. I don't see a login screen when I get into Gretsch Pages but somehow I am able to post just text.



Be sure to write some copy to accompany the photographs or they won't appear.


I typed a message in the box which is just below all the icons , B, I etc etc.

I made the gray box above which says 'Image:' to contains the location of my photo (in white) on my C drive because I Browsed and selected it, and just to the right of that in white it still says Browse.

I hit Add Post and nothing happens and eventually quites with the message >>> Hmmm...can’t reach this page

Incidently I tried to bring in a photo as a word doc instead of a jpg and it didn't quite out as it did with the jpg however it still didn't send add the post.



Hmmm, sounds weird. Is the pic too large maybe? Image size should be a minimum of 720px and no more than 2000px (width or height)


Hi, I am a new member of the Gretsch Pages and the new owner of this Nashville Classic guitar. Thanks Chris for selling and thanks Tim Harman for putting me onto it. All I can say is that I have finally attained a sound that satisfies me. The road to satisfaction is hard to explain since each subtle increment is a different aspect of the whole. This guitar simply has the tone quality that 'approaches' what I hear on Chets recording. Currently I am playing through a Rivera modified Fender Deluxe. The rest is now up to me and my playing ability with practice, practice, practice. Already I can see that in some parts of the tune I need to use the thumb pick for all three notes of an arpegio rather than the thumb and two fingers. Having this guitar showed me that. I don't have the best of fingernails anyway but in this case I believe Chet used the thumbpick. The tune by the way is 'I Love How you Love Me', a simple tune but with some of those rifs that just capture you the first time you hear them.

My other Gretschs are a Red 6120 which I bought in 1962 and a G6122-1962 which I bought in 2010. The 62120 had a unique 1st position tone, and the 1962 got me closer to where I wanted to be.

Thanks again, Gary Root

Incidently I am 76, have been playing since I was 20 with 13 years off in between. I played so much back then that one week during vacation I played the same tune 8 hours a day all week. Luckily I am still married.

– LoveChet

Gary Root, You'll love this guitar. I had one just like it, sold it and then I bought another one. Enjoy! Gary


Getting closer I think on posting a photo of my red 6120. Pixels were to many both width and height so I reduced to 2000 each. Still didn't work. Tried a bitmap instead of jpg still didn't work.

Still getting message >>> Hmmm...can’t reach this page



It's too bad I had to mess up this page with all my photo errors.

Is there a different way I can get this resolved ?

I still can't post a photo.



Resize the photo further and try again.


Here is my red 6120 I bought back in the 60's. I just lent it (gave it) to my oldest son in Maine to try. He normally plays Strat or Les Paul. He eventually will get all my gear.


Hmmm. That doesn't look red to me. It looks more like Flagstaff Sunset. But, I could be mistaken.


It’s hard to argue with the owner who has had the guitar in hand, but based on the picture I agree with Ric12string about the color. Regardless, it’s a nice looking guitar with a great choice for the neck pickup. Congrats. Also, Your son is lucky.



I was using red as a generic term without thinking about it but your right isn't red. I would call it more like orange. Flagstaff sunset is on the reddish side from what I can see on line.

In any case (no pun intended) the headstock metal tag indicates Chet Atkins Nashville Model.


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