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FS: 2001 Super Gretsch


Patterned after the Super Chet, including mid body binding, this guitar has been rewired into a hot rod configuration with only the master volume in the circuit. I replaced the much abused original Bigsby handle with a Duane handle and the original bridge with a copper Tru-Arc. Includes the OHSC. Asking $1,400 USD plus actual FedEx shipping to your location. Would prefer to ship within the 48 contiguous states.


Those are pretty nice,and rare,in fact i'd say they're rarer than the original Super Chet!


That IS a looker. More pics?


Nice! Too bad I don’t have the cash right now... are those ceramic pickups? Good luck!


Given the vintage of the guitar, I believe the pickups are ceramic, but can't definitively confirm.


Pickups; the covers are tarnished:


The main photo is most representative of the finish. It's a deep cherry red.


wow, i never even knew there existed!


Most folks don't know Gretsch even came out with this model, a reasonable replica of the original Super Chet. It's best feature is the lack of pickguard controls, notoriously unreliable on the originals. This model doesn't have the wider neck of the early models - up to late '73 - or the abalone (cost prohibitive today) used on the inlays.

One nice feature on this re-issue is that the frets were properly installed. The installation process on Gretsches going back from the '70's into the early '60's, wasn't done in the best sequence. These look just fine. This is a very pretty guitar.


How hard would it be to rewire it back to stock? And would that be a master volume on the lower horn, and 2 volumes and 1 tone?


How hard would it be to rewire it back to stock? And would that be a master volume on the lower horn, and 2 volumes and 1 tone?

– Daniel Weldon

It's not particularly hard to rewire an original SC to the 'normal' Gretsch control array Dan, but keep in mind the advice from my luthier Nicole: Gut all the wiring and start from scratch. She replaced the pup selector switch as well. A couple years after the transformation an annoying short developed and as part of a parts swap, Toxo couldn't solve the issue either so he rewired it again, this time with co-ax and he simplified the setup too. All issues solved.

For someone wanting to undertake this exercise, I recommend simply buying from TV, the same harness and pots/switches for a Gretsch model that doesn't have the mud switch. Nicole also installed a pair of Ray Butts pups for me at this time. These were actually built by Ray, not the newer TV's. The point is, with both pups removed, there was lots of room to fish in the newer harness and controls and wire it to the new pups. The old pickguard is NOT reusable as it has cut-outs for the controls along the edge - they don't run below the guard - and with them gone, it's just fugly! I've never put a pickguard back on it, although I designed a shorter one that would work. IMO, my guitar just doesn't need a guard.

As for cost, I can't say because she did a lot of other work while she had it and I don't recall the prices for the various tasks. This guitar here shouldn't have any issues at all.


oh mahhh gawd, I would love to take this off your hands. I would if my own Gretsch Hawaiian would sell.


Ah luvs it too...but man am I overspent on guitars right now.


Pretty guitar, would love to play one sometime but I'm all pockets with major medical bills to pay. Someone here needs to buy this thing .


Damn, I luv that as well! Darn low Canadian $ over the past years has put US $ purchases out of sight for most of us.


I sure hope a GDP'er buys this guitar. Wish it could be me.


Caliban, what's the scale and weight on this?

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