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SOLD: 1x15” combo cab for brownface Fender Showman


SOLD!!! - 1x15" combo cabinet for brownface Fender Showman

Custom Larry Rodgers combo cabinet for a brown Showman Amp. I ordered the cabinet in 1999, used it for a couple of years and then put my Showman back in the original piggyback format. Tolex and grill cloth are in very nice condition - no tears, a few light scuffs. Drilled for tilt back legs and dog bone handle, but no hardware supplied besides what's in the photo.

Chassis width 24 1/4", I believe that works for the Vibrosonic as well?

$150 + shipping. I'm in the San Francisco area so could meet for local pickup.


Nice! Were early and later Showmans the same widith, even the reverb model? Other models too except you';d need a 4 ohm speaker


Larry Rodgers sadly died a few years ago. I had the same sort of idea as you, only in my case it was a brown Tremolux head that I moved into a blonde/oxblood combo cabinet. My Larry Rodgers cabinet is of exceptional quality. I would highly recommend yours to anyone looking to move a Showman into a more manageable set up.


DC - the Showman Reverb is the same as a Twin Reverb, which is 1/4" too wide to fit this cabinet.

Knavel - I'd heard about Larry's passing, very sad. He was a master craftsman.

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