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SOLD: 1994 Epiphone Zephyr Blues Deluxe - Blonde and Beautiful


For sale! 1994 Epiphone Zephyr Blues Deluxe in excellent condition! No fret wear! THREE P90's! An amazing guitar with near new, two tone hardshell case! Made in Korea - these are not cheap guitars - very good quality. Only noteworthy things are a factory clearcoat hazing on the headstock and some finish cracks around the output jack - otherwise it is in fantastic condition. $745 shipped, continental U.S. - paypal preferred.

 photo IMG_2834_zpsxcnadsbb.jpg  photo IMG_2833_zpswil23jb6.jpg  photo IMG_2832_zpszgr2uf01.jpg  photo IMG_2831_zpsimg9arbl.jpg  photo IMG_2830_zpsr8ejyyzf.jpg  photo IMG_2829_zpsyj6d9uwr.jpg  photo IMG_2828_zpslcrbhpyu.jpg  photo IMG_2827_zpsgirt9kbp.jpg  photo IMG_2826_zpssitbx4ka.jpg  photo IMG_2825_zps4vf0xsn6.jpg  photo IMG_2824_zps3o5ugtd0.jpg  photo IMG_2823_zps1kpl52bk.jpg


I have a Carlo Robelli ES-500, which is essentially the same guitar, both made in the Korean Peerless factory, and they are indeed wonderful instruments. Anybody who likes this sort of thing should jump on it! Not literally, of course --- you know what I mean!


Gorgeous! Love the binding and 3-P90s---perfect!


What Parabar said, in every detail, me too. (You can do jump blues on it, though.)


Very very high up my bucket list, best of luck with the sale.


10 years ago I tried to buy an early 50's original Gibson... different tailpiece and name.

This is, I'm betting, probably better... No nonsense, in great shape, etc.


PRICE DROP (as low as I can go): $700 shipped! (Continental U.S. only)


If my clutch hadn't just taken a crap on Sunday, it would be sold. Grrr!


Nice - hope someone here got it.

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