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SOLD: 1990 Epiphone Country Gentleman II with OHSC


This is a 1990 Epiphone Country Gentleman II in good condition. Made in Korea, these are budget versions of the Gibson style Gents with a 17” body width, 1.75” body depth, 21 frets, floating mahogany bridge base and a two piece set mahogany neck. The top is spruce. Although this model has a 33x-like center block, the back and top are domed enough that there is space between them and the block. So, it sustains like a center block, but will feedback like a hollow body.

The guitar came from the factory with a TOM bridge and a trapeze tailpiece. When I purchased the guitar they had been replaced with a bar bridge of unknown make and composition as well as the Bigsby you see in the photos. I replaced the factory PAF style humbuckers with a set of TV Jones Magna ‘Trons. The original bridge, tailpiece and pickups will be included in the sale. Comes with OHSC.

Asking $775 USD plus actual FedEx shipping to your location.


Here's a closer look. More photos are available if necessary.


These are nicely made guitars....and rare. What's the scale length (the Gibson Chets are 25.5") ?


Looks black. Is it black?


Never seen one of those outside a catalog!


These are nicely made guitars....and rare. What's the scale length (the Gibson Chets are 25.5") ?

– Gretschadelphia

The scale is 25.5"


Looks black. Is it black?

– Proteus

Yes, it's black with white binding on the top and back.


Thanks. I didn't want any of us to have the reverse brown-Gent-on-B&W-TV illusion, and think maybe it was actually dark brown.

Apparently Ed Roman got to Epiphone before they built it, and they just went ahead and made it black from the git-go.

If only it had gold hardware, Tubwomp would be all over this. He can always change the hardware, though.


They were offered in black, wine red and sunburst finishes according to the documentation I've been able to locate. I've never seen a photo of a wine red specimen, but here's the sunburst model with a non-original armrest and Bigsby.


I traded a Bacon Belmont with 2 deArmands for one of these at Stein on Vine in LA in the early 90s. It certainly is a very handsome guitar ,like a center block ES335 basically a solid body with a hollowbody shape. Good price for somebody looking for that sort of instrument!


Bump. A really good price when you factor in the Magna 'Trons.


Nice guitar but in the black finish, for me, it really needs the white binding on the f-holes. Not noticed per se on the sunburst version. I have a '98 Gibson Gent in the [most common] wine red finish and the f-holes are bound.

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