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FS 1967 Gretsch Rally


Well the furnace went up in flames and I need heat so up for grabs is a 1967 Gretsch rally. This guitar was redone by Curt and is a fine fiddle. I have since changed out the original Hilo's to TV Jones Hilo's. They sound fantastic. The wiring harness is a new CG harness I will include the original. Case is not the best but functions. Original frets but in great shape. $2,000 USD plus shipping.


Played this beaut' at the Canadian Gretsch Round Up. A real gem plus top notch seller.


Anyone want to make me an offer? I need a new furnace, its getting cold in the house. Its winter in Canada! come on people help me out. Don't make me beg.


What does "redone" mean? Refinished? Binding? Neck reset?

– charlie chitlins

Sorry I should have been more clearer on that subject, here is what was done by Curt Neck reset, binding those are two of the major things done to the guitar. No refinishing at all


Any nibbles?

Bump and good juju!

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