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FS: 1966 Fender Super Reverb


I'm downsizing a bit, because I'm oversized and some of these things I don't use really should be used by someone.

Here's a 1966 Fender Super Reverb. It's in a new cabinet, which is why it looks so good. Indeed, not a scratch, scuff, or snag. A smidgen of oxidation on the chassis straps is the only cosmetic diminishment.

The guts are '66 vintage. It sounds just as you would expect.

It comes with a crappy modern footswitch that sometimes engages the tremolo, but not very often. Tubes are modern, as well (nothing special). And a padded cover is part of the deal.

The only action it's seen since I bought it has been at the annual Balto-DC Roundups.

Overall condition: if you want a good-looking, great-sounding Super Reverb, this is your baby.

"Local pickup only," sort of. I'm in Baltimore, and I'll do a deliver/meet-half-way thing between 50 and 100 miles from Baltimore. If it's still available when the Roundups start, I'll bring it to the Roundups I attend if a buyer is waiting for it there.

It's on for $1,599. It's on the GDP for $1,450. Notify me here if you PM me, because I rarely check the e-mail account associated with my GDP account.



What a noble beast - tone for days, weeks even.


I love those speakers too. The alnico equipped supers a very sweet and a lil,lighter too


As stated in another thread, the best my Monkees ever sounded was through this amp. Someone will be happy.


My Desert Island Amp...........


that's a hell of an amp, with the speakers most people like in these. Good luck with the sale!


That looks cleaner than my 10 year old amp. Wish I had the money. Very nice.


Bump, with a price reduction: to $1,150. I'm hoping that will get it in someone's budget range!



That's a HELL of a great deal! My beautiful blonde Super has sat unused for years. Years ago, it was my main amp! Before I knew what a 6G6-B even WAS - in fact, in the days before the internet, Larry Rogers helped me copy the Brian Setzer aesthetic to my haggard-looking Super.

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