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FS: 1966 Fender Super Reverb


I'm downsizing a bit, because I'm oversized and some of these things I don't use really should be used by someone.

Here's a 1966 Fender Super Reverb. It's in a new cabinet, which is why it looks so good. Indeed, not a scratch, scuff, or snag. A smidgen of oxidation on the chassis straps is the only cosmetic diminishment.

The guts are '66 vintage. It sounds just as you would expect.

It comes with a crappy modern footswitch that sometimes engages the tremolo, but not very often. Tubes are modern, as well (nothing special). And a padded cover is part of the deal.

The only action it's seen since I bought it has been at the annual Balto-DC Roundups.

Overall condition: if you want a good-looking, great-sounding Super Reverb, this is your baby.

"Local pickup only," sort of. I'm in Baltimore, and I'll do a deliver/meet-half-way thing between 50 and 100 miles from Baltimore. If it's still available when the Roundups start, I'll bring it to the Roundups I attend if a buyer is waiting for it there.

It's on for $1,599. It's on the GDP for $1,450. Notify me here if you PM me, because I rarely check the e-mail account associated with my GDP account.



What a noble beast - tone for days, weeks even.


I love those speakers too. The alnico equipped supers a very sweet and a lil,lighter too


As stated in another thread, the best my Monkees ever sounded was through this amp. Someone will be happy.


My Desert Island Amp...........


that's a hell of an amp, with the speakers most people like in these. Good luck with the sale!


That looks cleaner than my 10 year old amp. Wish I had the money. Very nice.


Bump, with a price reduction: to $1,150. I'm hoping that will get it in someone's budget range!



That's a HELL of a great deal! My beautiful blonde Super has sat unused for years. Years ago, it was my main amp! Before I knew what a 6G6-B even WAS - in fact, in the days before the internet, Larry Rogers helped me copy the Brian Setzer aesthetic to my haggard-looking Super.


And un-sold! The buyer got in a fight with his bride––unauthorized toy purchase!––and had to bring it back the next day.

Asking price reduced to an even $1,000 for GDP members.



Good lord $1000 for a Blackface Super?! If only I could play a left-handed amp...


Yeah, you get the Blackface Super sound for the price of a used reissue. This one is quintessentially sparkly, tight, and loud, as you would hope and expect. And Gretsches pair up with Supers so delectably.

What do you want from life, anyway, right?



It's got those very groovy original CTS alnico speakers too.

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