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FS: 1964 Country Gentleman


Hi all I’m selling a beautiful 1964 Country Gentleman in original case. No binding rot and the neck set is great with plenty of room to come down. Action is low and frets are in great shape. Internal mute mechanism has been removed but it included. Additional notches were put in bridge for some reason. Lining of back pad is not original. Sold shipped. Please contact me at Travis L Johnson at aol dot com


Dang that's nice --some are survivors.


Dang that is super nice and a great price.


That's almost identical to the one I had. The difference was the neck pup was the same F'tron as the bridge and the mute system was intact and functioning. Neck was extra narrow and didn't suit my fingerstyle. Otherwise a fine guitar.


My oh my, great deal


Man, Are you sure that's original. Beautiful condition.

You've done a great job keeping her pretty.


Cool geet,in great condition too!


Thanks everyone! It sold.

– Travis Johnson

Good Lord, I should think so. I don't need it, but I was really trying to come up with an excuse.


I hope it was someone here. Congrats


I figured it would go quick. Like Joe says, was it a GDP'er?


I figured it would go quick. Like Joe says, was it a GDP'er?

– Suprdave

I wish it had been but it sold on Reverb.

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