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F/S 1958 Guild T100B Special $2300 plus shipping US


This guitar started out as a T100 and then someone put in for a special order and the beveled DeArmonds were installed. Comes with its original case. The neck is fairly full, and the pickups sound excellent. I have plenty of photos available if you're interested.


Semi-rare headstock logo.


Super cool rare knobs.


Super cool rare knobs.


If those were Franz pickups I'd be all over it.


Billy needs this.


I'm not familiar with those pickups. How would you decribe them. Similar to a dynasonic?


They're definitely in that ballpark.


I figure as long as that Guild thread is going strong, it might not be a bad time to bump this.


Billy needs this.

– ....

You're telling me...


Still here and I'm not sure why the photos disappeared. Anyway, here's one. After moving twice in 3 years, I am reminded that I have too much stuff and well....


I looked up this Dearmond pickup in “ The Guild Guitar Book” by Hans Moust. “This Dearmond pickup was used on some special orders from the late 1950’s. It was also used on the original Starfire’s in 1960 ”, along with a few others, including, according to Moust, the original prototype for the Duane Eddy model.He says that any Guitar with this particular pickup is a rare one. The knobs, as He describes them are "Ivory (turned yellow) like knobs were used on some T-100s and X-50s around 1959". I'll bet that case is one of those brown sorta corrugated ones-- Very cool and rare Guitar.


Super -cool guitar.

I have sworn off buying guitars from US sellers--scared of CITES (not that it matters, most of you refuse to ship a guitar to Canada these days anyway, for the same reason).

One of you gentlemen south of the border needs to pick this one up!


It really sounds great and if I didn't feel like a jerk dismantling things, I'd be tossing those pickups into my '63 Starfire.


Just ran across a picture of Duane Eddy and the prototype Duane Eddy DeLuxe DE-500 built in early 1962. According to Hans Moust, Duane never performed with it. The Guitar was just used for photo shoots and it appeared on Album covers. They are the same Pickups, that’s Amazingly rare I just love old Guilds.


I just came into money, but it has to go into Casa Default. Sweet guitar, and just what I like.

This will just be remembered as another missed opportunity.

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