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F/S 1955 Gretsch 6131 Firebird $4700 plus shipping


One of very few with the clear nitron top and red bullet truss cover. I bought this from knavel a bunch of years ago and it hasn't seen much play time. One pot has been replaced, one strap holder is non-original, Bigsby is modern, but the original tailpiece is included. Melita bridge is period correct and the base is modern. Comes with its original tweed case. The pickup rings will need to be replaced as they are a ticking timebomb. Setzer should be abe to provide them for you. More pictures available upon request. US only.


And the red bullet truss cover.


That is one beautiful guitar. Out of curiousity, are the pots, including the one replaced, 1meg?
Any differences in wiring from the reissues from the 'new' Gretsch?


Well - memory lane.... I absolutely would recommend this guitar. No one here would know about it but for the fact that I like paper thin necks (and I am a minority in this regard based on what I've read in the forums for years and years I think) and the pre-late 50s Gretches have meatier necks.

Below is a link to a relativerly recent article I found interesting on this early bird version - the writer is mistaken regarding the "oriental red nitron": There was no such red color drum wrap offered by Gretsch and all catalogs from the 50s (and 60s, and probably even the 70s) will confirm this. It was, as El Tuce says, a clear nitron wrap. I picked the fact of the existence of a clear nitron wrap up from a discussion by Steve Maxwell who is the vintage Gretsch drum expert when he was talking about certain rare 50s drum finishes being lacquer + clear nitron.

This picture of the guitar for sale from my files shows that was indeed painted red and not a red drum wrap--the overspray is in the rout cavity. Yet the clean nature of the top is emblematic of the nitron wrap period for Duo Jets and Jet Firebirds.


On one hand, it's not really at the top of my list of things to sell and on the other, I really don't play it much and tend to play the BZ Custom Shop more often, sooooo...... Oh, and I'm also house hunting, so you know, $$$ is kind of helpful right now.


That really is a beauty. I remember discussing it with Knavel.


My heart rate just changed.


Where in Mass are you located? I'm interested in a serious look.


Oh, no longer in Newton. Moved to Arlington about a month ago.

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