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FS: 1955 6190 Gretsch Streamliner


Longtime lurker, first-time poster. Tried this on craigslist but no bites other than scammers. Then realized I'm being a doofus because someone here will probably be interested and would for sure cherish her. My 55 streamliner with fitted gretsch hardshell case is up for grabs. Hate to part with her, but need the cash at the moment. I'm selling for 1500, which is what I got her for to begin with, although now she has had a couple hundred dollars worth of work getting her playing great and getting the case. Just trying to pass along the love, I know somebody here will play her and not let her just hang on a wall. My number is 812-572-6156 if you are interested. She has a few dings on headstock and the like but overall beautiful and in better condition than probably 90% of her brethren. I have photos if you are interested. That is all.


I'm afraid you won't get much interest without a photo or two. Fair price for a '55 6190 if it's all correct.


What's the scale length? 24.5", 25", or 25.5"?

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