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Free Gretsch Strings - with a pay-it-onward catch


I have way too many .018 wound 3rds, and just too many .017 plain 3rds. This happens because the Gretsch Chet Atkins strings, which I'd still swear by if I could get them, came with both. On most guitars I use the plain, leaving the wound as extra - and on fewer, vice versa.

I've kept a few of each just in case, and still have 24 of the .018s and 7 of the .017s left. They're taking up space in my over-stuffed string box which I need for full sets, and get cussingly in my way every time I go digging for singles.

I doubt if any one individual needs that many of either gauge, though amongst us all they might all find a home. So here's my proposal, which I've turned over in my head a few times and can't find a hole in.

I'll send the whole pile to the first guy who pipes up and wants them, on my dime. Completely free.

That guy keeps as many as he wants, posts to this thread how many he has left and agrees to send the whole unneeded bunch postage-paid to the next guy who pipes up.

That guy takes his share, makes the remainder available here, and pays to send them on to the next taker.

And so on.

This way maybe the strings find homes, each feller pays only one postage fee, the logistics are simplified, and there's minimum hassle for everyone involved.

(Or I could throw them away. But I'm the guy whose Depression-era grandmother left a box in the attic labeled Lengths of string too short to save, and that's what was in it.)


Oh come on. No one can use any of these?


Man, if they were fourth string, I'd be all over em. My double cut jet loves to eat them.


Send 'em on! Between Laz, Furie and I, we'll thin the herd a bit, and send along to the next man in need.

My weakness has always been 17s.

Thanks, Tim

You still have my address or you need it again?


Tim, your huge heart is also a brilliant one. What a beautiful idea!

I use wound G’s on 28 of my 32 ‘lectical guitars. Please put me on your map, if’n ya would.


That's a great idea! If I wasn't on the other side (?) of the planet, I would let you know about my interest for wound 18s, but it'll be probably pretty expensive to send the whole pack all over to Finland... (so I better wait 'til the herd's been thinned again once or twice...?)


Der strangs is on dey way to Cap'n Crowbone. Apply to him with your needs, and he'll referee the next round.


Next round is up!

Proteus knows how to ship things promptly, thanks!


Send me your address and I'll send you a bunch of strangs and a Dick pic.


Oh Heck,

You can have the Dick pic now!


Love the Dick pic. I just recently (finally) got a frame for my signed Dick Dale poster. Saw him twice years ago. Would have loved to have seen him one last time before he passed.


I'll play.......just let me know when I'm up and will email my address.

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