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For Sale- Vintage 47s Cowboy Amp The Western Tonemaster


For sale is Vintage 47s Cowboy Amp - The Western Tonemaster. Should look familiar to some of you. This is a great classic tone machine. Smooth buttery octal tube response. Has that classic Valco tremolo as well. Mine is mint with a canvas cover. If you ordered new it would be $1525 shipped.

I'm selling mine for $1225 plus shipping. Mine includes the cover which is extra and also has the Tremolo footswitch wedge. I'm not interested in any trades and would love to do the deal in person if possible. I live in Pennsylvania and can drive to meet you. Pictures coming shortly.

The description from the webpage is:

Introducing the Vintage47 1955 "Western Tonemaster" guitar/Harp Amplifier replication!

True to the Valco style of 1955 in both construction style and tone. Our V47 authentic Valco Tremelo circuit with a pair of V47 reissue 6x9" oval Alnico speakers and round tweeter lets you re-create that authentic original Rola tone heard on the old 45 records of the 1950's. Hand built, authentic point to point construction and made in the USA!

15 watts Push Pull Class A/B cathode biased. Pair of 6x9" Alnico speakers and a 4" tweeter round it out.

Doorstop footswitch and cover included!

  • 15 watt class AB push pull circuit.

  • Cathode biased - No biasing required!

  • 5Y3GT rectifier, 6SL7 inverter, 6SQ7 NOS metal jacketed preamp and 2 - 5881 power tubes.

  • 2 - 6 x9 Vintage 47 oval speakers and 1 - 4" tweeter

  • Interactive volume and tone controls for feedback and overdrive control.

  • Speed control and footswitch jack for the tremelo. Doorstop footswitch included!

  • Finger jointed baltic birch cabinet construction.

  • Point to point hand wired circuit.


The amp is mint, new condition. Never left the house. These pix aren't the best so I'll post more or message me if wanting more .


Good God, Diggey!

I can't be looking at this.

I'm under strict "No More Gear" policy.

So, I have to figure out where to hide it!


You are in Jersey aren't you? This IS the amp you are looking for.....


Weak in the knees..seeing that functional work of art, but I just went on my tube Pathfinder binge...


How much does it weigh, and what amp would you compare the sound to?


Hey- this weighs 28 lbs. The tone is difficult to describe. It's not even close to a Fender. It's very cool for jump blues and has some nice break up but not over the top. The octal tubes create that shell and feel around the note that you would expect. It is awesome with dynas and really digs in with Tavos preamps. Filters push it nicely and there is a lot of old school tones.


You are in Jersey aren't you? This IS the amp you are looking for.....

– Diggey

You're doing that jedi mind trick thingy, aren't you?


I'm knocking $100 off this girl. This is $1125 plus shipping. Or we can meet if possible


I would consider trading my Deke and Cowboy Amp towards a Black Phoenix or a White Falcon with dynas.


Final price drop $1025 plus shipping

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