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For Sale: Three 1940’s era Waverly TUNERS w/metal buttons…Price DROP


Three 1940's era Waverly tuners.

I've seen these type of tuners on 1940's era Martin D-18 & D-28 models and on other models & manufacturers. All for the treble side. Some of the plating on the tuner buttons is starting to wear off exposing the brass underside. These were found in a box of random single tuners so they probably did not come from the same set. The posts look the same but are not identical. Nevertheless, a very RARE and hard to find type of tuner if you ever need one or two for restoration!

$50 per tuner + $6 shipping.

May 14 update: one tuner sold. Price drop to $40 for each of the remaining two tuners


Pre-1946 era Waverly's are uber hard to find so I'm surprised that no one has taken advantage of these?


One tuner sold. Price drop to $40 per tuner for the remaining two.


Still available. Summertime blues bump!


I've got TWO of these 1940's era Waverly tuners left...both for the treble side of the head stock. A VERY difficult and expensive tuner to find so here's a chance to pick up a couple of spares in case you ever need one...or two!

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