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For Sale Supro Thunderbolt Plus reissue amp


For Sale Supro Thunderbolt Plus reissue amp -$800, plus shipping. Up for sale is a MINT Supro Thunderbolt Plus reissue guitar amp. The plus version included the standard 35 all tube watts with tube rectifier, and switchable to 45 watts with tube rectifier and then 60 watts which is then solid state rectifier. 15" inch speaker with killer classic tones which can also sound very clean when switching to higher wattage. They don't make this version anymore and only have two watt options now. I'll throw in the thick amp cover which you typically buy direct from Supro. New these are $1400 plus shipping. Save $550 and basically get a new one. More pix available at your request. No trades unless it's a Gretsch. Can meet to do the sale, if you are in central pennsylvania. Thanks


Price drop, bumpity bump bump


Great deal, I just sold my vox ac15 twin, took a beating on that.... Bump!

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