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For Sale: SET of 1951-1956 Kluson Deluxe TUNERS in EXCCOND.


Complete SET of 1950-1956 era Kluson Deluxe tuners. Standard issue for Gibson Southern Jumbo's and several other Gibson models (such as ES-150, L-50, L-48, etc).

Unlike the vast majority of these 60 year old Kluson Deluxe tuners, this set of tuners has the original celluloid knobs in good condition. No bushings or screws but this is a very nice set and hard to find in this condition. Sets of these 1950 era Kluson tuners typically sell for over $300 (and the celluloid buttons are often dried out & shrunken!)!

My LOW price for Forum members...$250 +$8 shipping in cont. USA.


Reverse side of Kluson Deluxe tuners showing Pat. Appld. 2356766.


Still available. Shop around...I'm pretty sure my price for this set with the original buttons is lower than others selling the sale tuner? Just sayin'.


Just saw a set of these same 1950's era Kluson tuners...but WITHOUT ANY buttons...sell on eBay for $135:


The Kluson tuners themselves aren't that hard to find. The difficulty is finding a set WITH the original buttons because the 60 year old celluloid buttons on these old Klusons, as everyone knows, were notorious for drying, shrinking and disintegrating!! The set I have here HAS the ORIGINAL buttons intact so they are well worth having for that inevitable day when you'll need a set.


Here's a set of the same 1950's Kluson Deluxe tuners listed on the Bay for $300...with the typical 60 year old dried & shrunken buttons: Link

Makes me wonder why the set I'm offering Forum folks here for less money and WITH clean ORIGINAL buttons hasn't been jumped on by someone?


Is that a rhetorical question? Nice keys. Good luck with the sale.


Is that a rhetorical question? Nice keys. Good luck with the sale.

– Bryan K.

Rhetorical, tongue-in-cheek and all in good humor. I don't sell on business sites like Reverb or eBay, which is almost all storefront now, and have much larger buying (and paying) audience so I offer my inventory of old tuners (and catalogs) for much less. The stuff I list here is just a small sample of my tuner inventory. If anyone reading this is looking for a specific tuner or set of tuners, PM me.


Time for a summertime blues bump. Good luck finding a set of these Kluson Deluxe tuners with original intact celluloid buttons for this price. Just sayin'.


Even though this is unabashedly a Gretsch Forum, I'm a little surprised that no one here has a 1950-1956 era Gibson guitar with replaced tuners or after-market tuner buttons for which these original Kluson Deluxe tuners would be perfect for restoration? As I've looked around on line, no one is selling a clean set of these particular tuners for less than $300. I did find one listing for $295 but the original celluloid tuner buttons were badly deteriorated and needed replacing: Link

That said, I have an inventory with hundreds of old Kluson, Grover & Waverly tuners from the 1920's through the 1970's so if someone reading this listing has a need for any other specific tuner, singles or sets, chances are I have them so drop me a line.


I thought $250 was cheap for a clean original set of these 1950's era Kluson Deluxe tuners WITH original buttons since I can't find anyone selling a similar set for anywhere close to that price. This is a Gretsch Forum so I completely understand the relative lack of interest here. With that in mind, I'll lower my price to $225 and include FREE SHIPPING in USA. Not sure that I can make it any more attractive for the person who could use a set of these tuners?

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